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Purchasing a whole, half or quarter animal is a cost effective way of filling your freezer with healthy, top quality bison meat. We suggest 8-10 cu feet will hold a half bison.

When you purchase a portion of a whole bison, you will have the choice of how you would like your animal cut. Do you use a lot of ground meat? Perhaps you love steaks and roasts. We can help you decide how to cut your bison to utilize it the way YOUR family cooks.You will also receive custom packaging in the size that works for you. A quarter bison will be a combination of front and hind end. We are happy to walk you through your choices if this is a new experience. 

You will receive meat vacuum packaged to last at least 12 months in the freezer.

Strohschein Farms charges $6.50/lb (this includes basic cut & wrap) of the Hot Hanging Weight (HHW) the processor takes.You can expect to get back 60% of this weight in boneless meat & the total cost of a quarter bison will be $850-$1000. Contact us to secure your quarter, half or whole.

Here's a great link to read if purchasing bulk interests you